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3 Things We Implement With Case Packing

QComp Automation has been creating case packers for almost 30 years. If you didn’t know, case packing is the process of packing items into a corrugated box for shipping.

Case packing can be performed in several concepts such as top-loading, side loading, bottom loading, and wrap-around case packing.

Three things things that have driven our success with case packing are the following:


QComp Automation strives for flexibility in our case packer design. Flexibility is what sets us apart from our competition and allows us to create machines for a variety of industries and products. Product changes happen all the time and this flexibility allows our customers to change with their ever changing market. Whether its different case pack patterns or product counts we design our systems to meet all of our customers needs.


QComp’s modular approach improves each concept of packing by allowing us to keep up with rates. Our design allows us to add or remove modules to increase or decrease speed based on our customers desired rates. This design approach also allows us to decrease engineering time required to design our systems, and in turn lower the cost to our customers. Layouts, speed, output, production volumes are important driving factors in QComp’s modular approach.


Having a flexible and modular design allows us to redeploy systems in new applications if the need ever comes. Some tweaks and modifications may be needed but with QComps robotic case packing system it is much easier to reapply into new applications. Our customers have a variety of terms for the products they run or copack and being able to redeploy our systems can give them a competitive advantage when a new contract or product is being produced.

Determining the right method of picking for your products significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and time to value and delivers significant efficiency and reductions in labor dependencies.

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