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Three Things We Implement With Picking

Anyone can program a robot to pick and place, it’s the extra steps we take with the pick that sets us apart.  QComp Automation has been perfecting the pick for almost 30 years.

Robotic picking involves targeting a product, aligning the robot with the product, and securing that product. Products can be picked from a stationary target, like off a pallet, cart, or from a bin; or they can be picked off a moving target, like a conveyor or AMR.

Three things that have driven our success picking are the following:

1. Edge Detection

QComp’s edge detection picking in the glass industry allows us to calculate the center of the glass and create a repeatable target for the pick.

2. Capability to Adjust

QComp has expertise in taking a picture of a moving object and speed matching the robot with that object to adjust the pick on the move. This aligns the robot with the product to get a consistent pick.

3. Force Feedback

QComp uses force feedback, both through the robot program and through external torque sensors, to determine the weight of a product and meter the speed that the robot will move. Doing this ensures that the product remains secure throughout the cycle.

Determining the right method of picking for your products significantly reduces the total cost of ownership and time to value and delivers significant efficiency and reductions in labor dependencies.

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