The QComp EngX 24/7/365 Support and Service

At QComp Automation, the success of our customer is mission critical. Beginning at the discovery phase of your projects and throughout your automation journey, our team of automation professionals operate as an “Engineering Extension” to your team. 

With over 30 years of history in automation and robotics, we are reinventing the automation experience in each phase of the process, from discovery to recommissioning Based on decades of experience and a reputation for exceptional customer satisfaction, we have continually innovated our support process to maximize your return on investment. 

We call this team the QComp EngX team, and our mission is to achieve world-class OEE on all systems we provide as measured by availability, performance, and quality.

Robotic Remote Programming

Remote monitoring and programming technology.   A gateway device inside the control panel of your machine has been included as a component of your control system, enabling the QComp EngX team to establish a secure connection to your machine, wherever it is in the world.

Comprehensive Service and Support

24/7/365 access to the QComp EngX support team with 2 RealWear™ devices. Connect virtually with vision-equipped, hands-free devices utilizing innovative video conferencing software. QComp’s 24-hour hotline (920-757-0775 Ext. 140) is also available 24/7/365.

Customized Solution Documentation

Customized drawings, operator manuals, and video-based troubleshooting and maintenance instructions.  All tools will also be pre-loaded on the RealWear device to be accessed directly from the heads-up display and available on a shared drive. 

Advanced Mechanical Design

Customized spare parts lists, including options for both kitted sub-assemblies and QComp EngX pre-assembled quick-change advanced mechanical options.

Customized Automation Training

Customized training onsite at QComp (customer travel not included) and post-installation training for up to 3 shifts of operation.