Delivering world class OEE is the inspiration behind every system we build. From discovery to re-commissioning, we apply the most advanced technology available to concept, design, build and maintain your custom automation solution.

Extensive experience and our core value of “customer success is mission critical” are the makings of a truly innovative approach to the robotic automation industry. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in understanding the entire customer journey, and building our approach specifically to meet their needs throughout the lifecycle of an automated robotic solution.

For hundreds of repeat customers, it all began at a point where the solution to a problem was barely understood. For example, we know have a labor shortage, we know we need to increase production to meet demand, we know we need to reduce costs to be competitive or we have new products and want to get to market and scale, or simply our existing automation is not delivering the results we need.  Unfortunately, although our customers are experts in their respective fields, they simply don’t have the resources to design, build, integrate or maintain advanced automation solutions.

Enter the QComp EngX team! We have modeled our business to provide you, our customers, with an “Engineering Extension” to provide the most innovative, robust robotic automation solutions available…from discovery to recommissioning.

Whether it is our first call to understand your challenges, collaborative advanced design process, innovative customer playbook-based Project Management, predictive and preventative maintenance packages, or a decade down the road with a goal to recommission existing equipment for a greater cause, we designed our team to be ready to deliver the best possible ROI on your investment in robotic automation for the entire journey.

It’s all about the OEE! From discovery to re-commissioning, the QComp EngX team is focused on the three key variables in what is generally defined as the ultimate success criteria for automation in the manufacturing industry…availability, performance, and quality.

The QComp EngX team understands the challenges that our customers face. From discovery to recommissioning, we leverage smart manufacturing and robust robotics solutions to revolutionize the way manufacturers operate.

With the QComp EngX approach to custom automation, supported by remote monitoring and programming, it is simply a matter of pushing a button or notifying the EngX team of an upcoming change. If manufacturers require troubleshooting, the EngX team stands ready to support remotely with RealWear augmented reality, driving the highest level of flexible, robust robotics solutions available in the industry.

Whether are you looking for standard entry level automation solutions, or fully custom robotic solutions…the QComp EngX team, your Engineering Extension, has you covered.