For companies in the Consumer Goods market, QComp Technologies is trusted as a leader in innovation, with an outstanding history of integrating robotic picking, packing, and palletizing solutions worldwide. This innovative spirit and experience offer manufacturers a robust robotic solution to optimize their processes using vision-guided robotics and collaborative systems to guarantee the high-speed palletizing without sacrificing rigorous throughput and quality requirements.   With a proprietary combination of vision-based robotic picking and advanced control algorithms for product spacing, we offer Bundling Systems that accommodate an endless variety of Consumer Goods packaging requirements with speed, precision, and robustness. When it comes to Robotic Case Packing and Bundling, we have extensive experience with options for bundling bulk products, including stacking, labeling, strapping and more, at rates required for all throughput requirements.    

As for everything in between, the QComp team has subject matter experts focused on the integration of ancillary equipment, from case erectors and sealers to slip sheet dispensers, pallet dispensers, and labelers. Even for simple picking, packing, and palletizing, automation helps to reduce ergonomic issues and address labor challenges that the manufacturing industry is facing.  At QComp, we leverage smart manufacturing and robust robotics to revolutionize the way manufacturing companies automate.