QComp Technologies has teamed up with ABB and FANUC to offer the most robust collaborative robots (cobots) on the market. ABB offers YuMi, the first truly dual-armed cobot, designed for a world in which humans and robots work together. ABB has expanded its line with various single-arm cobots as well. FANUC’s CRX cobot series provides an 8-year zero maintenance reliable design to handle up to 25Kg loads.     

Definition: A collaborative robot, or cobot, is a robot that can safely and effectively interact with human workers while performing simple industrial tasks. 

However, end-effectors and other environmental conditions may create hazards, and as such, risk assessments should be done before using any industrial motion-control application.   


Assembly Robots 

QCompengineers cells with Assembly Robots capable of highspeed assembly and inspection of various components. We also integrate various materials handling equipment to complete your application, providing worry-free turnkey service for you. The cell shown to the left incorporates highspeed vision, a pick and place robot, component feed systems, and the precision transport conveyor for the fixtures to be assembled.  

Lab Robots 

QComp offers Staubli and ABB LaboratoryRobots that are cleanroom compatible and can be used to perform various material handling operations in a laboratory. The advantage of applying the ABB two-armed collaborative robot  is the leadthrough programming, where the YuMi can be easily programmed to perform a function and then be moved to another location later and be re-programmed.  

YuMi is also a very accurate laboratory robot at .02mm accuracy. When precise placement is required, the YuMi can provide repeatability to be utilized in critical areas where gentle handling and repeatability are required.  

Kitting Robots 

QComp engineers cells with Kitting Robots capable of using coordinated vision with the picking and placing of various components into a specific kit, which a customer will eventually sell. The kit can require various components and change from one run to the next. Also, the QComp cell can incorporate a pushbutton change over from one kit program to another. QComp will integrate various material handling equipment to complete your application and provide worryfree turnkey service to meet your needs. 

Machine Tending Robots 

QComp’sMachine Tending Robots are selected to fit the application you require. A singlearm or dualarm robot is available to meet your environment and production rates. QComp will utilize our experience to provide the most reliable design, smallest footprint, and best operator interfaces to keep your cell working. QComp’s cell design can pick parts from an infeed and load parts into a machine process, remove the part, place it into a secondary location or assemble it with another component. 

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