For companies with depalletizing needs, QComp Technologies is a trusted leader in innovation, with an outstanding history of integrating Robotic Case Palletizers throughout the world. Our experience offers manufacturers a robust robotic solution to optimize their processes using vision-guided robotics and collaborative systems to offer high-speed, reliable depalletizing solutions manufacturing and logistics companies require.   

With a comprehensive lineup ranging from standard collaborative depalletizers for light workloads to fully customized multiple robot solutions, we offer Robotic Palletizing Systems that can handle a large range of product sizes with speed, precision, and robustness. When it comes to Robotic Depalletizing, we have extensive experience with all pallet configurations and product sizes, including homogenous, single-SKU, and heterogenous mixed-SKU configurations. There are almost no product limitations, including bottles, bags, boxed, and shrink-wrapped products with or without slip sheets. In addition, we offer solutions that utilize a mix of delayering, individual and multi-product picking, offering tools for singulation that drastically reduce the square footage and conveyor requirements. As for everything in between, the QComp team also has subject matter experts focused on the integration of ancillary equipment, from case erectors and sealers to slip sheet dispensers, pallet dispensers, and labelers. Even for simple palletizing and depalletizing applications, automation helps reduce ergonomic issues.