Revolutionizing the Custom
Automation Experience

At QComp Technologies, our team has built a solid reputation in the Energy, Glass, and Solar industries by providing Robotic Glass Packaging Automation integration for over 30 years.   

Our innovative spirit and experience offer manufacturers a robust robotic solution to optimize their processes using vision-guided robotics, high-payload robots and advanced inspection systems.    

Glass Line Feed

QComp's glass line feed systems utilize robotics to automatically take flat glass from a rack and place to a conveyor or process.

Glass Boxing-End of Line

QComp's end of line boxing and crating systems utilize robotics to place glass and interleaf into a box.

Glass Racking-End of Line

QComp's glass racking systems utilize robotics to automatically take glass from a line or process and place to a rack, box or carton.

Glass Line Load from Rack

QComp's glass racking systems utilize robotics to automatically take glass from a rack, box or carton and feed processing equipment.

Glass Slotted Racking

QComp's slotted rack loading systems utilizes robotics to take IG units from the end of an IG line and automatically place them into a slotted rack or L rack.

Advanced Conveyors

QComp can complete your robotic glass handling systems by providing and integrating other equipment, including advanced custom conveyors, turntables, inspection, marking and more.

Product Expertise

QComp Technologies offers robotic glass handling systems that manage a large range of flat glass sizes with speed, precision, and reliability. Our Glass Handling Systems include Glass Line Feed Systems and End-of-Line Racking Systems, as well as solutions for EEnd-of-Line Packaging. QComp’s Rack Unloading Systems and packaging solutions are capable of interleaf removal and placement. QComp’s specialty in loading glass into slotted racks is unique to the industry and has been refined through the deployment of dozens of systems.   

Whether you are looking to load or unload a glass line, pack to an L-Rack, Slotted Rack or Box, or convey your glass and assemble your windows and doors…the QComp team, your Engineering Extension, has you covered.