Revolutionizing the Custom
Automation Experience

At QComp Technologies, our team members have built a solid reputation in Robotic Life Sciences Automation integration industry for over 30 years.  

Our innovative spirit and experience offer manufacturers of medical devices and consumables to optimize their processes using vision-guided robotics, Delta and articulated robots, and advanced inspection systems to guarantee high-speed robotic assembly and packaging without sacrificing rigorous throughput and quality requirements.  

Product Expertise

At QComp Technologies, we take pride in our knowledge of the Life Science  industry and the goal to increase production and speed to market, while outperforming quality and compliance standards. From robotic medical device assembly with advanced vision inspection and testing to final product packaging, we provide custom robotic solutions for all stages of production. This experience transcends across the Life Sciences industry with customer deployments in pharmaceutical, medical device, medical consumables, and dental markets.   

With ever-changing manufacturing processes in the Life Science industry, safety and regulations need to be met with every step of the process. Introducing Robotics and Automation into the equation earlier allows for a consistent, verified, accurate solution that can be flexible in order to meet the requirements of multiple products and processes. QComp integrates production equipment with material handling, hardware, and software to boost accuracy, consistency, reliability, and repeatability. Our robotic designs pick, package, assemble, count, test, sort, verify your product, drive quality, efficiency, and profitability—allowing you to get your product onto the market sooner.

Medical and Life Science Robotic Automation