Picking Solutions

QComp Technologies provides a highly efficient and versatile means of performing repetitive, non-value adding tasks to streamline labor requirements and re-allocate labor to value adding tasks. At QComp, our team strives in optimizing functionality through flexibility, which is the focus of our consultative design and process towards purpose-built automation solutions. This combines advanced conveyance, vision, and robotics systems with customized and/or standard end-of-arm tooling. Our solutions are not only designed with on-the-fly SKU and recipe change capabilities but also engineered with the future in mind, allowing for simple system expansion to minimize process bottlenecks and workflow alterations. QComp’s standardization across systems reduces parts inventory while minimizing maintenance-related costs, contributing to a short payback period and a clear, measurable ROI.   

QComp has a long-standing reputation in the Food and Consumer Goods industries. Staubli’s HE robots are developed specifically for processes in hygienic, humid, or harsh environments. Their encapsulated, detergent, and corrosion-resistant design is ideal even under extreme conditions. They excel in applications such as direct food contact operations. Staubli’s HE Robot’s hygienic design is aligned with EHEDG and A3 recommendations. They offer easy accessibility, cleanability, and decontamination where needed. Our subject matter experts will design with the most stringent expectations, including hygienic stainless designs, NSF H1 compliant food oil, hygienic encapsulated designs, integrated user harnesses, pressurized systems, and unrestricted pH washdown capabilities.  

SCARA Robots

QComp Technologies offers SCARA robots from the broad product range of our robotic partners ABB, FANUC and Staubli. The SCARA acronym stands for Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm or Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm. SCARA has a maximum payload of 6 kg, the IRB 910SC, and is available in multiple configurations. All types are modular by design, with different linking arm lengths, and have individual reaches available to meet your application requirements.  

The SCARA robot family is designed for a variety of general-purpose applications requiring fast, repeatable, and articulate point-to-point movements such as machine loading/unloading and assembly. Our SCARA robot family is ideal for customers requiring rapid cycle times, high precision, and high reliability for their small part assembly applications, and is suitable for laboratory automation and prescription drug dispensing.  

Pouch Packer

QComp's fast and flexible High Speed Pick & Pack is the ultimate solution for minimizing the labor-intensive tasks of picking.

Lid Applicator

The high speed Lid Applicator maximizes the throughput of your lidding application. The cell features the flexible delta style robot.


We understand your lower speed requirements and budget constraints, so we've engineered a small footprint cartoning or tray filling cell.