QCompTechnologies offers a line of the most advanced Vision Technologies to fit your applications, including Product/Vision Inspection, Case Inspection for fully and partially closed flaps, and 3D Inspection. The result of vision technology integration is more efficient solutions for quality control and perfect placement, alleviating any jams downstream. 

Product / Vision Inspection

Comp is a Cognex PSI (Partner System Integrator) with a great deal of experience in various product vision inspection criteria. New camera technologies are available to perform a variety of visual inspections or laser scans to identify defects, missing parts, or improper assembly. Utilizing different lighting and camera technologies,QComp can test a solution to confirm its validity in an application before proposing a solution. 

3D Inspection

Many of QComp’s customers require a higher degree of Vision Inspection and quality control. That’s why our Vision Guidance and Inspection solutions allow the robot to know exactly where the product is before handling it, which in turn, allows more precise positioning when the robot packs the product, racks the glass, or sends it to the next process.  

 QComp offers solutions where packing multiple size and color products are required.The 3D system’s ability to analyze part placement with zero contrast between parts is remarkably precise. Due to the system’s use of a laser, no changes required when colors are switched. The data is repeatable and virtually flawless. The end result is a more efficient solution for perfect placement, alleviating jams in the downstream equipment.  

 QComp further develops its own interface software for the solution to provide higher uptime. The solution not only implements off-the-shelf technology, but provides an easy-to-use operator interface where line personnel can see what is happening and keep the line running without further assistance.  

Case Inspection

QCompcan perform open flap detection with a simple photo sensor or with a laser line generator and a camera system to determine whether a flap is open or bulging. These systems can be vital for uptime by rejecting cases or products prior to palletizing systems where open flaps can cause a jam or dropped product.